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Red Light Cameras

Photo Ticket Challenges Face Uphill Road To Win
Officials in several mainland cities say most people end up paying the fines.Photo traffic enforcement citations have been overturned on appeal in several high-profile cases, but officials in mainland cities that use the traffic cameras say most people end up paying the fines and at least initially... [Read More]
Yellow lights getting shorter
A congressional report to be released today shows that yellow lights on traffic signals are getting shorter, causing more drivers to inadvertently run red lights and get caught by cameras that some say invade drivers´ privacy.The report, from the office of House Majority Leader Rep. Dick Armey,... [Read More]
Republican Leader Takes Aim at Red-Light Cameras
WASHINGTON - Red-light cameras provide local governments with millions of dollars in revenue but their safety benefits are doubtful and longer yellow lights would slash violations, according to a congressional report due out on Wednesday. The study by the office of U.S. House of Representatives... [Read More]
Red-light cameras may ease in Mesa
Some of Mesa's red-light cameras are working so well that police are talking about disconnecting them.But before motorists get too cocky, they also need to know that Mesa officers propose expanding the hours and locations of their photo-radar vans to catch more speeders, especially in school zones... [Read More]
The following news bytes are from the Roger Hedgecock Show (April & May 2001)"ROGER may have set a new Community Forum record for launching an attack on a windmill. Wednesday of last week the boss and y’all begin the gripe about Red Light Cameras in San Diego and the county. As always gripes... [Read More]

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