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Posted: September 1st, 2007 @ 10:24pm

(photo credit: The Roger Hedgecock Show)

(photo credit: The Roger Hedgecock Show)
The following news bytes are from the Roger Hedgecock Show (April & May 2001)

"ROGER may have set a new Community Forum record for launching an attack on a windmill. Wednesday of last week the boss and y’all begin the gripe about Red Light Cameras in San Diego and the county. As always gripes are tolerated on ROGER’S show for about 15 seconds and then up comes the question: "So what are we gonna do about (fill in the blank)". Before show ends on Wednesday last, boss and his constitutional lawyer Peter Lepiscopo (with youse all in cohoots) hatch a plan to contest the cameras on Fifth Amendment grounds (remember the "We The People," document?) …The Red Light ticket requires that you admit being the driver or finking on whomever was driving…self incrimination?…Calls pour in from folks willing to be our test case plaintiff..but the better part happens on Thursday when we learn that the above referenced barrister Judith Litzenberger has that very day had her clients Red Cam case tossed because, diligent litigant that she is, she researched state codes and Red Cam specs..argues that cams amount to a speed trap," which are illegal in Gold State!! Armed with that info, ROGER and Peter Lepiscopo are set today to move to have SD city council shutter all the Red Cams immediately..moreover the duo wants council to appoint a trustee to determine how many folks have been victimized by illegal Red Cams and come up with a process by which said victims will be rebated the illegally collected fines (which amount to a tidy $271.00 a pop). Refusal by council to act promptly will require Peter to seek an urgent injunction from a local court."

"…ROGER’S (and your) campaign to do away with those sneaky Red Light Cameras..the ones that bag you if you are a fraction of a second getting into an intersection..and which represent (basically) a revenue scam by various local gummints..including the city of San Diego. As usual, the campaign begins with you and all that darned e-mail and fax stuff..complaining about getting caught on camera..ROGER voices your complaints…we get a call from our Constitutional Lawyer…and suddenly we are enroute to challenging Red Light Cameras in court…not a day after ROGER gets on this orchestra wagon than a "long time listener, first time caller," calls and tells us that his Red Light case was tossed out of court..thanks to Judith Litzenberger ESQ of the law firm of Bardsley & Carlos, LLP. Judith contends successfully before a court commissioner (like a judge in these traffic things) that the Red Light Cams are in fact a "speed trap." The gizmos do utilize speed of vehicle in relationship to roadway and timing of traffic lights..Well…Judith also digs thru state codes and finds that "speed traps," are illegal in the state of California. What to make of this, you say? Based on Judith’s 12 page brief and thanks to a client who is not willing to be a "sheepeople," (one Robert Trigg Stewart was willing to invest a good number of dollars on legal counsel in his refusal to be a victim..a sum far in excess of the $271.00 fine the Red Light Cam infraction cost) the commissioner tossed her clients case and that of several others in the courtroom. Well now what? Well, listen up today cause ROGER and the aforementioned Constitutional Attorney bud plan to seek a cease and desist order (that means stop, I think)..a legal letter soon to be presented to the City Attorney of San Diego. Failing a cease the next step is a formal court request for an injunction and a demand for the return of monies illegally collected via past fines. Opps!! Now the stink is in the wind!! LISTEN UP TODAY…Oh, and by the way…need a great lawyer (Judith and her firm do not normally do traffic cases..it’s a big mucky-muck outfit..so they handle vital stuff mostly)…you’d could do much worse than to give Judith a call at 619.234.3707. And if the matter is as simple as the Red Light Cam..she is likely to send you a copy of her brief. But today..details on our letter to Casey Gwinn and efforts to Ban The Cam."

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